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"Our most valuable asset is our customers"
From its humble beginnings and for over three decades Panzai has been actively serving the needs of its customers providing unique design services to both entertainers and private clients alike. We realize our greatest strength is our most valuable asset, you, our loyal customers.

Our Mission


Our commitment to you


At Panzai, you will find that no other custom tailor compares to our impeccable customer service, meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of meeting your tailoring needs. Our hand-sewn designs are created with one focus in mind, that is ensuring your custom outfit is designed to reflect your distinctive style. Our master tailors evolve into artists as they work to ensure your measurements are precise and that every detail is bespoke to the desired specifications. Balancing elegance, style and quality is a Panzai tradition, our tailors create tailored masterpieces including but not limited to suits, blazers, top-coats, tuxedos for men, elegant gowns and custom designs women. Visit the Panzai showroom for yourself and experience what so many other customers already have, our unique Panzai style.

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